Sunday, September 27, 2009

We're Going to Disneyland!!

Are you surprised?

Aaron and I are heading to Disneyland on Saturday October 24th! We got a killer deal on airfare (I was booking travel for work and noticed Southwest had $39 each way fares, so we jumped on it!) We're flying out early Saturday morning, and back late Sunday afternoon. I'm very excited because we get to experience Disneyland at Halloween Time, my second favorite holiday theme for Disneyland. While we're there we don't have to much on our agenda (getting Aaron his annual passport will be our first item of business) but we are hoping to take our Christmas Card photo AND I just booked the Happiest Haunts Tour today!! I am so excited- when I first called they said that it was sold out- which made no sense to me as you could only start booking the 24th 3 days ago. I called back to confirm it was sold out, and sure enough the 4:30 was sold out, but not the 4:45!!! So what all does the Happiest Haunts Tour include might you ask?

  • Hear the truth (or is it?) about some of the most spellbinding attractions at the Disneyland Resort.
  • Listen to sympathetic stories about the often misunderstood Disney Villains
  • Learn the history behind our (Disneyland) favorite holiday
  • Experience attractions in both parks: The all new Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and the Haunted Mansion Holiday
  • Enjoy access to an exclusive viewing area for the never seen before Halloween Screams fireworks show
  • Collect a memorable keepsake on your tour as well as a tasty treat
We are SO excited!!! I did the Happiest Haunts Tour two years ago with my family, and we just loved it! Can't wait to see all the new things this year- including Space Mountain!

Miley Loves the Park!

In our wonderful sub-division we have several parks- which I'm sure were meant for the children of the neighborhood, but if a dog happens to love them, why not? Well, a dog would actually be more like our dog who loves going to the park and going down the slide!

I first discovered that Miley loved going down the slide after observing her at Day Camp- where they have a slide for the dogs. Miley would climb up the stairs, and slide down over and over again. We decided to take her to our park and see if she'd do the same on a larger slide. It took her a minute at first to realize what it was, but as soon as she did, she was hooked! She's gotten better and better at our park, now to the point that when we arrive we take her off of her leash and she climbs up the stairs and slides down her slide of choice over and over again until she's exhausted.

We try to make sure that we visit the parks that don't have children using the playground, not that Miley would bite or bark at them, but simply because people who've seen us taking our dog down the slide have well had their suspicious looks about them.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I found Kirklands...

So a few months ago, Jeanne gave me a wonderful gift card to Kirkland's for my bridal shower. Now, I confess I've never been huge on decorating my home (this is why we bought a model home, most of the decorating was done for me) however, I figured I needed to pick up some picture frames (I've finally started printing wedding photo's), so I'm sure Kirkland's would have those. I ventured off to the closest store (really only about 5 miles down Lower Buckeye next to Target which was nice). Well, as soon as I walked in and started looking- I was hooked! I purchased probably a gazillion photo frames plus a few other items for the walls (wall sconces and such). I came home and started framing:

I also went to Michael's and ordered a custom frame for our large print from the photographer for the wedding (you can kind of see it in the picture) which should be in 2 weeks from now. While at Michael's I also found frames for two prints I purchased at Disneyland about 2.5 years ago (what can I say, I knew I'd get around to framing them):
For now we're just in the framing stages- look for photo's to come in which they're actually on the walls!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What we've been up too...

I finally mailed our "Thank You" notes from the wedding today, which included an updated address card with our emails and the link to our blog. If your visiting our blog for the first time because of this, I hope you'll check back often and even comment and let us know what you're up too!

Since the wedding both Aaron and I have been very busy with work. I've started traveling again all over to familiar places (like Salt Lake City) and unfamiliar places (heading to New Hampshire in a few weeks).

Aaron is in his last semester in school, he graduates in December (the 17th to be exact). I'm so proud of him, he's working very hard at work and often earning over time, and still carrying a full load at school.

We currently don't have plans on having children at the moment, but we're definitely discussing the idea.

Other then that, we're still just trying to get the house set up and get settled in. It's coming along, but we still have a long way to go.

All our love-

Jenn and Aaron

Dad's Special Disneyland Trip!

Growing up, both of my parents were always sacrificing anything they had and/or wanted to not only provide my sister and I with what we needed, but with what we wanted. They always made sure that vacations were everything my sister and I could imagine and hope for. So when my mom told me we could either go to Disneyland for my birthday or for my Dad's 50th Birthday, the choice was easy.

This trip was probably one of the best ever. The only thing that I would change is that Aaron wasn't with us (he had to work). This honestly may have been the best trip that Mom, Dad, Andie and I have ever taken.

We drove out Sunday morning, and headed to the hotel first where we all showered and got ready. From there we headed to California Adventure. We did Soarin, Toy Story Mania, and of course- ate (Chili dogs- yum)!
We really tried not to wear ourselves out Sunday, we knew we'd be there for a good chunk of the day Monday and well- it was hot! After spending a few hours in California Adventure, Mom and Andie weren't feeling well, so they headed back to the hotel. Dad and I headed into Disneyland and of course road the train for a "Grand Circle Tour" of Disneyland!

Monday- Dad's Birthday- Dad and I got up early and headed to the park (we had some pin trading to do)! Our first stop was to get Dad's Birthday Button and Fun Card! After we accomplished our mission, we spent some time in California Adventure, and well took a lot of photo's of the two of us.

While walking around, we happened to find Goofy (dad's favorite character) dancing with a quartet, Dad jumped right in (see- it's genetic, this is why I'm always willing to show my hip hop routine!).
After we finished in Hollywood Back lot we ran into an old friend- Stitch! Stitch is Aaron's favorite character so I HAD to get my photo with him, especially because Aaron wasn't with us.

A little while later, we met up with Mom and Andie. The first thing we did was Grizzly Rapids- it was H-O-T! We spent some time in the park, but decided to head back to the hotel so we could change and get ready for the evening. Mom and I went back first, and did some shopping until we met up with Dad and Andie at the Blue Bayou for dinner! For those of you who don't know, this is the restaurant that's inside the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction!
We had a wonderful meal at a lakeside table. I even tried Jambalaya for the first time (I'm allergic to seafood, so often don't get to eat it, but there's is made from chicken!). Afterwards they brought out a special "treasure" in honor of dad's birthday.
I realized that when Aaron doesn't come with us, not nearly as many photo's are taken! After dinner, we had a nice relaxing evening in the park- Andie and I even ventured out for a bit just the two of us. It was really nice spending some time with her in the park, it brought back some very fond childhood memories.

On a side note- shopping was awesome this trip, there were several sale racks (this is new for Disney) that had all the merchandise I had seen on our honeymoon for 40% off! Plus I found a few new prints that I purchased for um..."a room to be used for later family members" :) There's only one last painting I want... but it's a little more then I'm willing to spend, but isn't it pretty:
We have several more Disneyland trips scheduled. Aaron and I are going for a romantic get-a-way in October, then again in December with David and Abby for his graduation, and again in February (our awesome trip, booked at the Grand Californian Villas!) with the whole family to celebrate Isabella, my Goddaughter's, first trip to Disneyland!

The Worlds Best Husband

My birthday passed just a few weeks ago (yes I'm behind on updating!) and Aaron just about amazed me with the wonderful surprises he had in store for me.

The day started with a surprise spa day- 6 hours of pure bliss! I had a massage, a facial, a pedicure, my hair and make up done with lunch from PF Changs! After wards, Aaron had told me we were going to dinner, just the two of us...well when I walked in the door to change, I had a huge surprise, literally!

Aaron threw me my first ever Surprise Party- well with some help from Jeanne and Carolyn! It was more then I could ever imagine, with so many of our wonderful friends there to celebrate!

There were even decorations (okay Carolynn helped with those) but still, how gorgeous are the flowers?To top it all off, my absolute favorite, a "Nothing Bundt Cake". Aaron even had my parents and sister on the phone to sing Happy Birthday to me.
It was truly the best birthday I've ever had- all because I have the best husband in the whole world!

I love you Aar-Bear!