Monday, August 17, 2009

The house that became a home...

It's slowly getting there. We got our dining room table up this weekend- pictures to follow :)

I'm hoping to get to Ikea this weekend. We need another movie shelf, and I'd like to find a new cocktail table for the entry way in the same color wood as the movie shelves and TV stand... Trying to make it all coordinate :)

One of these day's we'll even have a house warming party for everyone to see it! :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Wedding: Part 3- The Big Reveal

Aaron and I decided after that we'd like to see each other prior to the ceremony for pictures. We wanted "our moment" to be intimate, private, and one where we could talk to each other and express our feelings- instead of in front of everyone. I'm so glad that we did. It was so nice to see him before the ceremony and spend some time together with him. Shortly after 4, LaTricia, our photographer escorted me down the stair case:

As I rounded the corner- I saw him standing there. My heart was absolutely racing and I couldn't wait to go down the last set of stairs to see him.

And then, after a deep breath- we locked eyes. For what felt like an eternity it was just the two of us, in our own little world, not even remembering anyone was there or even what we were waiting for, only knowing that at that moment nothing in the world mattered more then being together.

After a few moments, our photographer got us together and we took a few photo's together with the gorgeous stair case in the background.

From there we took some additional photo's around the Ritz Carlton and the Camelback Esplanade, until my shoes and feet no longer could get along. At that point we headed back to the Ritz so we could take our group photo's and more importantly so I could have my flip flops- this would be the last time I wore my pretty diamond studded shoes...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Wedding: Part 2- Getting Ready

I'm so excited- we got our wedding photo CD back from the photographer! Of course this means that once I finish this sequence I have to stop talking about our wedding and find other exciting stuff in our lives to talk about- like our house =)

So the morning started for me around 5am. I was just too excited too sleep! I woke up and watch "Twilight" on my I-Pod hoping it would put me to sleep- it didn't. So around 5:45 I figured I'd just get up anyway. I strolled up to the 8th floor (the lounge area) but breakfast wasn't out yet. I came back down and Andie was awake! We talked for a little bit and played Sims 3, but honestly I just couldn't wait- so I started getting ready. I took my shower (using my new Bumble & Bumble Shampoo and Conditioner of which I am now addicted too) and blow dried my hair. Around 8:00 I went downstairs to meet the Jason's Deli delivering man with our breakfast trays and ran into Robert (our events planner) who is just absolutely fabulous! We spoke for a minute or two, until I grabbed our tray and went back to the room. Shortly there after Abby arrived- and the party was getting started!

Brook and Jodie arrived shortly there after, and everyone started getting ready! Andie was up first, while Brook was doing Andie's hair Jodi started curling Abby's hair (my bridesmaids were all either A or J names :)
Somewhere during all of this other individuals started to arrive. What's funny is that Jeanne arrived and I though I knew she wasn't arriving until Noon, I thought when she arrived she was quite early (time was just flying by) however she arrived at 11:45am...

The rest of the time honestly is a blur of moments I recall, and don't recall. At some point the Jason's Deli man showed up with our lunch tray; Jamie, Jillian, and I scarfed down the Sour Cream and Cheddar baked ruffles; I asked Jeanne to "calm my veil down" and everyone else got ready.

And then it was my turn- and this is when everything just started to feel so surreal! All the sudden everyone was there: Amy (my florist), Alex (the videographer), LaTricia and her assistant (photographers). Jodie was doing my make up, Brook my hair. The girls were all getting in their dresses...and suddenly it hit me, I was getting married!
After all the primping, it was time to put the dress on! I had been in a love-hate relationship with my dress for about two weeks. When I bought my dress, I knew it wasn't the EXACT one I wanted- the one I wanted had a price tag that I just wasn't willing to pay (come on- it's worn once for a few hours!) but when it came time to put it on, I was completely giddy about getting to wear it!

My wedding gift from Aaron

Meanwhile, in a room not so far away Aaron was getting ready too! Of course for him, it was a much easier process (isn't it always!)

And then with a few last checks, a veil and hair piece added:

it was time for me to go for me to go see my groom....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our Wedding: Part 1- The Rehearsal Dinner

While we're waiting for our wedding disc from our Photographer (I'm hoping she'll include the shots she took of our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner) I figured I'd start writing about our wedding events- sure it's backwards, we started with the Honeymoon, put in a bit about the wedding, and now we're going to the rehearsal, but hey, why not =)

Our Thursday started off a little late. Aaron and I chose to sleep in just a bit, and while we had hoped to get Miley to Day Camp (where we were boarding her) by 10am, she ended up getting there around 1pm. After dropping her off, our next stop was to pick up my dress at Brides by Demetrios, but by this point we were STARVING. We decided to have lunch at Outback by my office (since my office was about 20 feet from the bridal salon as was Outback). We got my FAVORITE server Andrew, who didn't know I was getting married until that day (I see Andrew on a weekly basis). Because I wasn't there on work time, I was finally able to order my favorite alcoholic drink- which Andrew ended up bringing me the equivalent of 3 of them stating, "there was extra". After picking up my dress, we headed to the Ritz Carlton and got me all checked in.

Robert had hooked us up! He got me and my parents a one room suite connected to an additional room with 2 beds. This room was HUGE and lush! Shortly after arriving and starting to get settled in, Aaron had to go to pick up his tux, leaving me to get all settled in. My parents then soon arrived with my sister. We started un-packing and making sure I had everything I needed. I don't remember if Jeanne or Abby were the first to show up- but it was SO nice to have company. I quickly lost my "buzz" and got swept into wedding hysteria! Before I knew it, it was time to head down and see everyone on the pool terrace. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone! Shelly and Teffanie (Assistant and DJ), LaTricia (Photographer), Robert (Planner), Bob (Officiant) and all of our bridal party were waiting for us! It was a madness of hugs and going over quick details- I was amazed at how overwhelming the whole thing was.

After going through the rehearsal, we headed over to Grimaldi's for dinner! I had never eaten at Grimaldi's- but it was FABULOUS! We had the entire "Rockefeller Room" to ourselves, and got some great photo ops:
The Ladies

Blowing a Kiss

Aaron and I had our last dance lesson the night before where we learned the last part of our dance, which included a dip- we had to get an opportunity to try it out:

While we were waiting to eat, I gave the ladies their gifts in case they wanted to wear them the next day (Pearl earrings and necklace). It wasn't required, but I thought they may want too, especially Jillian- who's suit case was STILL lost!
I also gave Sean and Briana their gifts, Build-a-Bears:

After eating, we all had some good conversation- which was a really nice stress reliever for me. After all, how often do you get to spend an evening with your BEST friends out of which 1 set lives in Phoenix, 1 set lives in Columbus, OH, 1 in Austin, Texas, and the other in Santa Barbara, California- TOGETHER!

After the rehearsal dinner we tried to go to Sprinkles Cupcakes, but it was closed :( Aaron took me back to the hotel and he headed home.

At the hotel I spent a wonderful quiet evening with my sister and my parents. I really enjoyed spending time with my sister the most- we don't often get some quiet time along to just "chill" and it was one of the highlights of that weekend. We ventured to the 11th floor, played Sims 3, and just had a nice time. I fell asleep pretty easily, but then was up right at 5am- before the rest of the world, after all, I was getting married to the man of my dreams...