Saturday, June 27, 2009

Honeymoon Day 3: Epcot Tuesday Evening

After a fun filled day at Typhoon Lagoon, and a call to my salon to find out how to treat my heat rash, we got ready for one of our favorite dinners of the trip- Coral Reef at EPCOT. We were very excited for this dinner, I had eaten here before, but Aaron had not and he LOVES aquariums! We started our journey through EPCOT with the obligatory picture in front of the big "Golf Ball" which really isn't a Golf Ball...
We were hoping to Fast Pass Test Track or Soarin' Over California- but they were all out of Fast Passes. Instead we spent some time shopping before dinner (we only had about 45 minutes, so not enough time to check out World Showcase). We found my dad's gift, my towel, and a few other items, that we picked up. We weren't going to, but I realized that I should get my dad's shirt (they only had one of his size left) while I had it, and why not get the towel too (boy am I glad we did!). After that we headed over to the restaurant. We were told there would be a wait- but really we were sat before our actual reservation. While we were waiting Aaron snapped this photo:
We were seated right away, and lucky enough to be at a table like ON the aquarium. Aaron had no idea what to expect, so when we walked in and he saw it- he was awe struck! We had set our camera on the table, and as soon as our waiter came out he had us pose for two photos, the first with flash:
The second without the flash, so you could see the aquarium:
The aquarium was fabulous! Our camera didn't take great photo's but to give you an idea:
Once we figured out what I *could* order (with my seafood allergy) we put in our order. I ordered the NY strip steak, and Aaron the wild mushroom ravioli. Once my steak came, Aaron realized he made the wrong decision- it was FABULOUS!
Our meal was wonderful- it truly did not disappoint. After we were finished, we headed back up to the lobby, and it was PACKED. We knew it was a popular restaurant, but this was a bit ridiculous. Well, we realized as soon as we stepped outside why- it was pouring! We didn't mind, we put our pulled our poncho's out and put them on, and decided to head over towards Test Track, which ended up being closed due to lightening. So instead, we headed to Mission Space. It was empty- I mean, empty:
In the photo's you can see how wet we got- even with ponchos! I was glad to have bought the towel, we used it to dry off our legs and arms that weren't covered by the poncho. After Mission Space, I took Aaron over to the Land so he could see the working Green House- which I knew he'd love, and he did. He wanted to jump out and investigate how they were making everything grow the way it did. He wanted to ride it again- but since it's like a 6 minute ride we opted not too, and instead ventured back out for more shopping after realizing Soarin' Over California had an 80 minute wait.
At this point, Aaron's shoes were soaked (they hadn't really ever dried from the rainy night before). We decided to buy him some Croc's! That's right Aaron got an Indiana Jones Hat AND Crocs on this trip! He opted for the flip flop Crocs- which actually are quite cute if I do say so myself- I mean, manly... ya.

Up next- a ridiculous morning at Animal Kingdom...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Disney Photo Pass Photo's- Day 2

Since my photo pass CD arrived today, I thought I would post our Disney Photo Pass Photo's from Day 2.

First our Animal Kingdom Lodge Session:

And from Animal Kingdom Monday Evening:

Honeymoon Day 3: Typhoon Lagoon Tuesday

After a rainy Monday evening, Aaron and I decided we would sleep in a little on Tuesday and skip Blizzard Beaches Extra Magic Hours. I woke up first and got ready. After I was ready I woke Aaron up so he could get ready (easy to do since we were going to the water park!) and headed down stairs to the Mara to get some breakfast for us.

On our way to the Disney Transport Buses we walked by the hotel gift shop where two cast members were standing. I stopped when we passed them and asked them which water park we should go too. One of the cast members confidently stated, "Typhoon Lagoon. I used to work there and if you're looking for a relaxed, lush, location, that's the place to go!" So off to Typhoon Lagoon we were! It didn't take long for the Downtown Disney/Typhoon Lagoon bus to show up. We boarded and were on our way!
When we entered Typhoon Lagoon, we stopped to look at towels. I have to say that I am disappointed that they were like $7.00 more expensive then at any of the other theme parks. Needless to say, I did not purchase a towel from Typhoon Lagoon.

We entered and there was a photo pass lady taking pictures. I hadn't brought our photo pass with us, but she offered to take one with our camera:
The landscape was so beautiful and lush! It really did feel quite tropical- quite a different feeling from Blizzard Beach.
I was starting to forget that we were even at a Disney Theme Park to be honest- well that is until we saw- Lilo!
When we first arrived at Disney World, the first thing I did was turn "Stacey" on the television. Aaron heard me say as soon as we walked in that , "we had to put "Stacey" on!" (She gives the top 5 things to do at each park, and it's just not a complete trip without her!) Well- for 2 days now we'd been hearing Stacey talk about the "Crush and Gusher" so off we went!

Yes- this means my Disney Photo Pass CD has arrived!! We had no idea they even shot photo's as you came down the slide until as we were getting out a photographer handed us this mini photo pass card on a rubber band! It was awesome!

This was the first time we entered the water- and the first time I realized we may have a problem. See, when we woke up that morning, I noticed that I had horrible bumps all over my forehead and below my nose (above my lip). It literally looked like what babies get on their bottoms. As soon as I entered the water it BURNED. I spoke with a nurse at Typhoon Lagoon- and it was heat rash. Thus why I was no longer allowed to wear make up for the rest of the trip.

We spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon at Typhoon Lagoon. It was a fabulous park and our only regret was that we didn't have time to go back!

Up next- Our first trip to EPCOT and dinner at Coral Reef

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Honeymoon Day 2: Animal Kingdom Monday Night

After spending a super hot and humid morning at Magic Kingdom we headed back to our hotel and enjoyed an afternoon in the pool, and a quick lunch a the Mara (we ate here a lot). We also enjoyed a quick nap before getting ready to head to Animal Kingdom. Before heading out to catch the bus, we decided to meander around the lodge a bit:
We actually did a sit down photo session with a Disney Photo Pass Photographer, I've ordered the CD and will post the photo's when hey arrive. Anyway, after doing our photo's we went outside to board the bus, and to our surprise it was pouring!
Regardless, we boarded the Animal Kingdom bus and were on our way! When we arrived- everyone was leaving. We didn't mind though, it just meant shorter lines for us!
Aaron and I then meandered our way back to Expedition Everest! This is one of my favorite all time rides and I couldn't wait to take Aaron on it! When we arrived, the attraction was closed due to lightening. We decided to get in line and wait. It really wasn't too bad of a wait, and it gave us some cover from the rain. Not to mention Disney spared no expense on this attraction! Waiting in line and exploring all the props was almost as fun as the ride!
Seeing Aaron's reaction through this whole ride was a hoot! It was hilarious listening to him and watching him- the picture really says it all!
After we finished Expedition Everest, we decided to head over to Dinosaur (very similar concept to Indiana Jones at Disneyland, just with Dinosaurs instead of well Indiana Jones). The line wasn't too bad, and again it was indoors. By now the rain had subsided but it was super humid again and A/C was our friend! Prior to getting in line I got one of my absolute favorite Disney Treats:

After riding Dinosaur we walked around Animal Kingdom for a bit- and stumbled upon their icon, the Tree of Life:

We then decided we were hungry for some real food. We didn't make a reservation for dinner that night, and finding a quick service restaurant wasn't proving to be successful. Thankfully we stumbled upon Yak and Yeti, and because it was an Extra Magic Hours night, they were open and had availability! I had read great things about on of their desserts on, but didn't expect the regular food to be so tasty! However, the Cream Cheese filled Won Ton's with honey syrup, pineapple, and vanilla ice cream did not disappoint!
Oh- I almost forgot! On Sunday we were in the gift shop and I had stumbled upon my very own "Disney" backpack! For those of you that don't know, my dad has this super awesome California Adventure backpack that is only used for Disney trips (yes we go that much). Anyway, I've been so envious of his and have been on the look out for my own Disney style backpack and I found it!!
After dinner we decided to head back to the hotel- we were still feeling a bit jet lagged, and wanted to get some rest before heading to Typhoon Lagoon the next morning..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Honeymoon Day 2: Magic Kingdom Monday Morning

Monday morning we had an 8:05 am (5:05 am PST time) breakfast reservation at Cinderella's Royal Table. This is one of the most sought after breakfast reservations in the entire resort area! I called 6 months in advance and was able to book it with no problems. What's particularly nice about it was that the park didn't open until 9am, so we were inside the park (the restaurant is inside Cinderella's Castle) when it came time for Rope Drop (park opening).

Getting to the restaurant was another story. Because it was such an early reservation, we had set the alarm clock, and made a wake up call reservation. We got the wake up call and it seemed to be 20 minutes earlier then the alarm. I went back to sleep until the alarm went off. Once the alarm went off, I got up and started getting ready (this is the only day I wore make up- you'll find out why later). I happened to wonder into the kitchen around what I thought was 6:40 (leaving us 20 minutes to catch the early morning breakfast bus) to find out that it was really 7:05 am. Needless to say Aaron and I quickly finished getting ready and decided to take a cab to Magic Kingdom instead of the bus. Well, you can't take a cab directly to Magic Kingdom, you have to take it to the transportation and ticket center- and then take the monorail (needless to say it was a journey).

After all of our transfers, we finally made it to Cinderella's Royal Table! When we checked in, the cast member shouted out, "we have a honeymoon on that deuce" which we found quite funny. Truthfully, this is a character breakfast and we were probably the only ones there without a child, but I didn't care. I had heard great things about the food, and come on, it's Cinderella! When we entered we first got our picture with Cinderella:
Then we walked up the stair case, and were seated at our special honeymoon table!
They even gave us the swords and wands normally reserved for the little ones. Shortly after, breakfast was brought to us (it was super yummy) and then the princesses started making their rounds.
Aside from Cinderella we saw: Belle, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. I made Aaron pick whom he wanted to have his photo with, he picked Sleeping Beauty:
After breakfast was finished, they invited all of us to participate in a "Wishing Ceremony" which involved placing our wands over our "wishing star" and wishing on our hearts desire, which I of course, did.
After breakfast, we proceeded down to the lobby where we waited for the park to open. To our amazement, it was dead for the first 30 minutes!
We quickly did Peter Pan (as we walked right on!) and then headed over to Haunted Mansion.
After Haunted Mansion we went to fast pass Splash Mountain (can I tell you how hot and humid it was!) While waiting for our fast pass return time, we went back to Fantasyland and did Mickey's Philharmagic.
When we finished, it was time to go do Splash Mountain (we hadn't even done Splash, and you can see how curly my hair was already getting!)
After riding Splash Mountain, we walked around a bit, and decided to head back to the hotel. It was so hot and humid we just wanted to go relax in the pool.

Up next, a rainy evening at Animal Kingdom...