Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jenn CAN Cook

While our honeymoon at Walt Disney World may be over- our honeymoon most certainly is not! Two weeks ago, we ventured out to Macy's to start picking up some of the additional items on our registry. We picked up our bedding (photo's to come, I still need to pick up a few new pillows to complete the set) and our new pots and pans- which we used that night! I cooked! That's right, I cooked!
Look, I used 3 different pots and pans!!! I was so proud! While I cooked, Simba sat and waited for his chance to smell (he doesn't like to eat people food, only smell it)
He's so cute- I just couldn't resist throwing in a super cute picture of the kitty to top all kitties!

Honeymoon Day 7: Our last day!

When we woke up on Saturday, we were sad that our vacation was over, but honestly excited to go home. I think I woke up and looked at Aaron and said, "I get to see my Miley-Bear today!" Aside from that, I was so ready to be home where while it was hot, at least it was not humid- it's trips like this that make me so grateful to live in a desert! So we quickly got ready:

Stepped out for one last balcony picture (our bride/groom Mickey ears):

And headed over to the Transportation and Ticket Center- why did we end up here you may ask? Well we hopped on to what we thought was the "Magic Kingdom" bus but was actually the "Animal Kingdom" bus, to get to the Magic Kingdom, we had to head to the Transportation and Ticket Center (again) and this time took the Ferry over to Magic Kingdom (much faster then the monorail)! Once inside we decided to take advantage of our Photopass, since we knew we were buying the CD, and it doesn't matter if there's 1 photo or 8475078 on there, it's the same price:

We quickly headed over to Crystal Palace (where our last breakfast reservation was) but decided to stop for one last Photopass session with a photographer who had no line but a cool view of the castle:
From there we headed into Crystal Palace for breakfast. I had booked this one for Aaron specifically as a surprise, as it's a character breakfast with Winnie the Pooh and friends! For those of you who don't know, Aaron LOVE'S Pooh Bear, but hardly admits it. Because Aaron has sat through SO many Princess breakfasts with me, I figured it was my turn to do so for him!

I have to say of all our meals, this was my favorite! It started with our special "honeymooner's" table:
And then it quickly turned to super yummy food, seriously it was one of the best meals we'd had yet! They had Mickey Waffles, Breakfast Pizza (which we're making at home now!), and a lot of other super tasty foods! Right after we got our plates, the character's started coming over. First was Eeyore, whom Aaron was away for, but he made up for that later =) Then came Piglet- whom I love! ( I even have a build-a-bear costume of Piglet!)
Then came Tigger, who we had so much fun with- as you can tell:

We then saw Pooh- which started as a photo with the 3 of us, but I then quickly "outed" Aaron's love for Pooh and got a photo of just the two of them:

After that, Eeyore came back around- it was important to me to get a photo with Eeyore because he was my Grandma's favorite character, and I wanted to give it to my mom (I had just gotten married a week ago, I was still running high on emotions and hormones!)

We were pretty much finished after that, but were waiting around for our bill, and well the place emptied out so fast that we were soon the only two in there and ended up with extra character time:

So as we were leaving, the most hilarious thing ever- the characters broke out into a dance off! We had so much fun watching, and I even joined in... I have a video but it won't upload :(

After breakfast we still had a few hours before we needed to be back at the hotel for our Magical Express pick up. We decided to hang out around Magic Kingdom, and got to see the last little bit of the Parade (the only one we saw all week!)
From there, we headed to the train, because no trip to Disney is complete without a "Full Circle tour of Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom, with stops at..." however I have to say, the train here, is no where near as cool as it is at Disneyland. At Disneyland, the train was actually personally supervised by Walt until his death, and then by his wife for some time after that, so it's very special, at Magic Kingdom, it just wasn't as special- but it was HOT!
After our grand circle tour, we decided to leave Magic Kingdom, as I was certain I was getting heat stroke, I was dry heaving, but stopped for one last classic photo:
We decided to head back to Animal Kingdom Lodge until we had to meet our bus. Upon our arrival we decided to stay on the bus and check out the Kildani Village Pool, as we'd heard SO much about it- man do I wish we'd have had our bathing suites accessible, it was calling my name!
After checking out Kildani Village, we decided to head back to the main building, Jambo House. We had one last quick service meal, so we redeemed it at the Mara, though neither of us was very hungry- we figured it would save us from Airport food. Honestly, from there, we boarded our bus, and headed to the airport. Sadly the pictures stop here, I fell asleep on the bus, and the airport was well, another airport. The airline had oversold our flight, and we considered taking the $300 per ticket voucher offer, dinner, and a night at the Hyatt Orlando Airport hotel, but at that point I just wanted to head home- Aaron wanted to take the deal. I spend so much time in hotels, and rack up so many frequent flyer miles, that the voucher just wasn't appealing to me.

We landed in Phoenix early, were greeted by Joyce and Jared, and well, we were home, ready to start the rest of our lives!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Honeymoon Day 6: Boma, EPCOT, and Magic Kingdom Friday Evening

Aaron and I had dinner reservations at Boma, the only restaurant in the hotel at this point we hadn't eaten in, and I had heard rave reviews, so I was very excited to try it! On our way down to the restaurant, I realized I didn't have any photo's of our "room number". I know this seems insignificant but at this point I was feeling sentimental =)
Once that was taken care of (thanks Mr. model Aaron!). We headed down to dinner, kind of sad that this would be our last dinner on vacation, but looking forward to the idea that the next night we'd be eating dinner at home with our Miley-bear!

Boma is a buffet style dinner, with foods from all over Africa- it was SO good! I was surprised with how much I enjoyed it- considering I'm not exactly an experimental eater!

After we ate the dinner portion, we headed over to the dessert buffet- 12 different desserts in total! One of the items they showcased, was an item I had grabbed from the Mara previously, but never had it fresh (always after long periods of refrigeration). It was called a Zebra Dome- and it was tasty! I do miss these....

After we enjoyed our dessert, we got another sprinkling of pixie dust!

While we were surprised it said, "Happy Anniversary"- at this point we had been married for a full week, so we celebrated our 1 week anniversary :)

After enjoying our delicious dinner, and dessert (twice over) we headed over (for what we thought) was a quick stop at EPCOT to pick up Isabella's drawing. After the long bus ride, we finally reached EPCOT. We headed into Art of Disney and were ready to pick up our drawing. Here starts the situation.

-Obstacle 1: the ladies at the counter don't speak English. Me, "I'm here to pick up a drawing", Them, " Do you have your receipt", Me, "yes, here", them,"Whats the name", Me, "Jennifer CXXXXX". They disappear, and come out with an envelope, and say, "Shelton Clayton". To which I

They then disappear for a long time, and come out with the slip the artist had written my request for drawing on. She then says, um, the guy who was working, he never turned this into the artist. (in very broken English). She then says, we can do it tomorrow. Well anyone who knows me, knows this isn't acceptable, to which I say, "I'd like to speak with a manager". They call the manager. (this took probably 15 minutes). Ironically while waiting for the manager, Mr. Clayton came to pick up his item.

Basically what happened, the gentleman I paid, never gave the slip to the artist to draw. The manager said they could have it for me tomorrow, which I said no too. He then offered to ship it, again, I said no (I'm a stickler on customer service, and this was not up to my satisfaction). I then basically explain this is for my Goddaughter whom I am driving down to see Monday and would like to take it with me.

Basically the manager calls over to Magic Kingdom, and finds out their artist can do it for me. They comped my drawing, and then gave me fast passes to use in Magic Kingdom for my time. Of course the entire time I'm having this crucial conversation, Aaron is laughing hysterically, and well recording it.

After our speed bump at EPCOT we finally were on our way to Magic Kingdom! The castle is SO gorgeous at night.

The only thing we really wanted to do Friday evening was Buzz Lightyears Astro Blasters- which sucked. It was so not as good as Buzz Lightyear at Disneyland- the guns didn't even come out of the holsters! Plus there were not different shaped targets so you knew which ones to shoot for higher point totals...
After doing Buzz Lightyear, we decided to walk over to Toon Town, but the lines to meet with the characters were like 90+ minutes long, just not worth it. We stopped one last time to get one of my Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars, and wouldn't you know it- More Pixie Dust! The guy gave it to us for free as a gift for our celebration!

After eating our ice cream, we debated what to do next- at first we were going to stay at the park later, and just take a little rest (they were open until 2am) until after sitting for our rest we realized we were exhausted. We barely made it over to Thunder Mountain to use our fast passes that we got from the manager earlier. After Thunder Mountain- we were done. We headed back to the bus, and I literally fell asleep on the way to the hotel!

Up next- our last day at Walt Disney World!

Honeymoon Day 6: Epcot Friday Morning

When I woke up Friday morning, it was a bit surreal- I mean we were going home the next day and that was it- the wedding, the honeymoon, 18 months of planning, it was all over. While I was so excited to get home, a part of me was a bit weirded out by the fact that it would all be over!

We woke up early again, to head to Epcot for rope drop (we had yet to do Test Track, which meant we had to get there to get fast passes). I again started the morning with yummy Mickey Waffles, and we were on our way!

We started by running over to Test Track to get our fast passes, which was successful! After that we headed to do Space Ship Earth, the attraction inside the giant "golf ball". It was pretty cool for what it was, it was a journey through the different technological advancements societies have taken. They did do this cute interactive thing about "predicting" your future, and then showed a short video after wards customized for you:

After Space Ship Earth, it was time for our fast passes to Test Track! Aaron was really looking forward to this attraction, as was I!
Once that was over- it was time for World Showcase to open. I knew that up until this point, Aaron was seriously wondering why we had come to Disney world instead of just going to Disneyland, and once he experienced World Showcase, that all went out the window!

We started at Mexico, and decided we'd work our way around, though we didn't stop in Mexico.

Our first stop was in Norway, where we rode Malestrom:
Next it was on too China- Aaron was fascinated by China, but I'm only posting like 1 photo:
There was a country in between China and Japan, but I don't remember what it was- we kinda breezed on through to Japan (hey it was REALLY hot outside):
Really from here, we stopped in France, and just finished the half circle:
It was SO hot we just couldn't take it- we didn't even stay long enough to get our free picture! We were so hot- it just wasn't worth it. On our way out, we did however stop at the "Art of Disney" so I could order my Goddaughter her gift... this later turned into an interesting conversation with people who don't speak English, but for now I'll leave you with, I stopped in Epcot, ordered and payed for it....

Up next, dinner at Boma and an evening at the Magic Kingdom

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Honeymoon Day 5: Disney's Hollywood Studios Thursday Afternoon

So after riding Toy Story Mania, we figured we were better off staying at Disney's Hollywood Studios through our dinner reservation, it was at 5:45, and by then it was already after 1pm. It just seemed silly to go all the way back for the hotel to only have maybe an hour or so there before having to trek back. (Yes, it is THAT spread out). So we started wondering around a bit, and found: Donald Duck!
After finding Donald, we wondered around a bit, we saw on the map that it showed a "Honey I shrunk the Audience"- we thought, SWEET and indoor and Air Conditioned attraction (can you see how hot it was, I'm shinny!) Anyway, we got there and found this:

It was a play ground of gigantic proportions to literally make you feel, shrunken, meaning it was not in fact the indoor attraction I was hoping for. At this point we decided to head over to Star Tours and the "Star Wars" area so I could show Aaron the ridiculously large "AT AT".
I think Aaron started to get excited when we arrived- even though he tried to hide it!
We decided to do Star Tours- we had time to kill, and it again was a way to get indoors with A/C. Aaron was very excited that the line wrapped under a replica of the E-Wok tree house, though he totally didn't believe that I had a replica tree-house as a child (my cousin's and I loved the E-Woks!)
Anyway, so we're waiting in line, and right behind us they start this awesome Star Wars show (it was a Star Wars weekend). Yep, that's Darth Vader behind me!
Anyway, we finally got inside the building, and really the queue was pretty much like the queue at Disneyland, but still one of Aaron's favorites:
We still didn't make it to Endor though :( I believe after this we did the Great Movie Ride- which was kind of my excuse for a nap. It's like a 20 minute indoor attraction, that while cute, is a little boring, but a nice way to escape the heat! While it was a nice break, as soon as we got outside we got a smack in the face reminding us of why we had gone indoors. We ran over to "Little Mermaid" but didn't want to stand in line and not make the show, so instead we grabbed fast passes for the next show, and headed over to the villains shop to get my mom her towel. While inside we noticed the little bakery also had slushie's- SCORE!
So we finish our slushie, and walk outside, and I kid you not all of the sudden it just starts pouring- not like subtly and slowly, like BAM huge rain drops just rushing to the ground. We once again, step to the side, pull out the poncho's and get ready to enjoy the park. We walked over to a little outside pin shop to help the cast member, the pins were blowing EVERYWHERE. So we helped him pick them up (bought a couple too) and then headed off to the Little Mermaid where everyone was seeking sanctuary- it seriously looked and felt like a hurricane!
The Little Mermaid wasn't quite what I was expecting- it was like a 1/2 way done version of the Aladin show in California Adventure- okay maybe like less then 1/2 way done version. While it provided good cover from the rain- it's not something I would rush to do again.

After the Little Mermaid, we really just walked around until our dinner reservation, and even then we checked in early. We were tired, 9 hours of walking around in the Florida sun had exhausted us and we were really looking forward to our dinner at the Sci-Fi Drive In!

Our experience at the Sci Fi was fabulous! Our server was really top notch. I started with some BLT soup that was so good- I'm still trying to figure out how to make it!

At the beginning of our meal, our server asked Aaron and I if we were both over 21, which I found odd, neither of us had ordered alcohol, well after she brought out our dessert, we found out why, TaDa:
She brought us out 2 glasses of champagne! I felt so bad- I can't drink champagne because of my surgery, but we couldn't tell her that- so I took 2 small sips and Aaron had the rest. We just thought it was so sweet for her to sprinkle some pixie dust on us!

Aaron loved the restaurant, one of his favorites yet. The theme is really unique! Your table is in a "car" and your "parked" in front of a huge movie screen that plays Sci-Fi shorts and 50's commercials the entire time.

Once dinner was over- we were toast. We found a couple to give our fast passes for Toy Story Mania too (we had fast passed it again and gotten like 8:30-9:30pm), and headed for our resort bus. We knew we needed to get some sleep to recover from our hot (and rainy) day, and be rested for rope drop at EPCOT the next morning.