Monday, October 18, 2010

Where I've been...

I disappeared- again.  I know, I'm kinda into that lately.  I just wonder off leaving you with no clue or idea as to where I've gone.  I've just been so busy lately LIVING life that I've not really had the time to write about it. 

First off, I absolutely, 100%, COMPLETELY love my job.  Each and every day I love it more and more and am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity.  Second, I am a Zumba queen!  (not in the sense of being good at it, just in the sense of, I do it, a lot!)  Third, I'm finishing my degree, finally!  Ugh school is not fun at all, but it's getting done, just a short time until I have my Bachelors finished, then I'll tackle my masters! 

Now the big one.... Aaron and I have been praying very hard and have decided to seriously pursue adoption at this time.  We're not giving up on trying to have a biological child, we just feel that this is what God has placed on our hearts right now.  Originally we were only interested in international adoption, as domestic adoption had to many "what if's" and almost felt like a marketing campaign to me to be honest- trying to market yourself through pictures and words as the best possible home for a set of biological parents to place their child.  Aaron and I are so much more then just words and photo's.  However, with changes to our state Adoptions Laws, we may be more into considering domestic adoption from our home state.

So that's it... nothing to incredibly exciting.  We're just living our lives happily together.  We did just get back from Disneyland... pictures to come =)

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